Valley comes together to give back on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks, come together, and help those who are facing difficult periods in their lives"as they try and make it through the year with very little.

"Things are difficult now," Isabella Gonzalez said.

Gonzalez said when the economy tanked so did her business and the income right along with it.

It TMs been really hard on us. I can TMt work anymore"I fell yesterday, Gonzalez explained. It TMs just not the same as before.

Before, Gonzalez said, she had a lawn business and was doing pretty well. But now, as more people find themselves without work, they are resorting to other means of caring for their lawns and that no longer involves Gonzalez and her family.

I still have three kids at home---one is 15, another 11, and 9, Gonzalez started. For me It TMs really difficulty--- really difficult."

The mother of five said two of her son went North to Washington to find work as landscapers. She said they send money home when they can.

Despite these hardships, Gonzalez keeps a positive attitude. She said she still has a lot to be grateful for---a loving family, roof over her head, and friends willing to help.

As Gonzalez gathers the food Rio Grande City police, Economic Development Corporation, and HEB give her"she sheds a few tear---thankful her children do not have to go without a Thanksgiving meal this year.