Valley couple allegedly took baby along for trip to ship cocaine

      Claudia Nelly Cruz and Jorge Luis Cruz // Cameron County Jail Photos

      A Brownsville couple is facing criminal charges after allegedly taking their baby along on a trip to ship cocaine via FedEx.

      Cameron County Sheriff TMs Department deputies arrested 26-year-old Jorge Luis Cruz and 22-year-old Claudia Nelly Cruz on Tuesday.

      Court records released Friday show that deputies spotted the couple outside a FedEx shipping center off Expressway 77/83 in Brownsville.

      Deputies working drug interdiction duties reported that Claudia Cruz was seen walking into the shipping center with a package.

      Cruz told deputies that her husband Jorge Luis gave her package of clothes to ship.

      Authorities looked inside and reported finding a package with about 0.88 pounds of cocaine wrapped in electrical tape.

      Deputies looked inside the couple TMs car and found their 23-month-old baby in a car seat.

      Both Jorge Luis and Claudia Nelly Cruz were charged with possession of a controlled substance and child endangerment.

      Cameron County Jail records show that both of them have been released from custody on bond.