Valley dealership deals with Toyota recall

When people think about car safety they usually consider brakes, air bags and seat belts but floor mats?

One mat is at the center of a nationwide recall.

This after reports indicate the accelerator could get stuck and cause a major tragedy which was the case in California, that resulted in the deaths of four people.

Crdenas Motors General Manager Mark Minton in Harlingen, who sells Toyota TMs, points out the problem, the drivers side floor mat, not being properly hooked in the hook in the placemat where it needs to be.

Minton add their main interest is the security of their customers.

Since the recall, Minton says they've received numerous calls, concerned customers just wanting to know what it was because it was just generally put out there in the media that there was a recall on Toyota vehicles.

Minton is calming fears calling all this a safety advisory and adding the company is working hard to fix the problem.

What Toyota is asking right now if there is any doubt just for our customers to remove the driver seatfloor mat, just put it in the trunk, explains the car dealer.

While the recall includes 3.8 million vehicles five of which are Toyota models and two Lexus.

Minton says owners and potential buyers are safe driving these models pointing out Toyota TMs always will do a very good job with manufacture as far as being able to produce quality vehicles that the consumer respects and backs up."

Minton adds Toyota is working on sending individual recall notices to all their customers and putting an end to this ordeal.

Toyota released a statement asking owners to inspect their vehicles and make sure floor mats are properly installed.

If not, Minton suggests customers come by and get their mats taken out by them.