Valley drivers skeptical of gas price decrease

Analysts predict the prices per gallon of gas will continue to decrease, but many Valley drivers are still skeptical about whether they will continue falling the coming months.

One of those skeptics, Leonora Fleck will be driving more than 1,900 miles this Memorial Day weekend, spending about $600 dollars just on gas, to see her family.

"I'm leaving tomorrow morning for Kansas to spend a couple of weeks there, she said. Then I'm going to Bismarck, North Dakota."

She is one of thousands of Valley drivers hitting the roads, regardless of whether gas prices go up or down.

The average price for a regular gallon of unleaded fuel in Texas kept on its downward trend, falling four more cents to $2.66, according to AAA.

Analyst predict those numbers will keep on falling over the next few weeks, even months.

But many Valley drivers are not convinced that will be the case.

"I don TMt think they will go down, instead they TMll go up, Manuel Tiscareo said.

He will be spending the Memorial Day weekend at South Padre Island.

"I don TMt know what we had ahead of us, Thomas Ashley told Action 4 News. But I'm pretty sure something, everybody here is gonna feel it, I know it."

Like many other drivers, Ashley added that he is concerned the current oil spill off the Louisiana coast will have a negative effect at the pump, and his pockets.

"All the oil is pumping out, they have to get it from somewhere, he said. BP is losing some money, so I'm pretty sure they're gonna raise the prices up,

Fleck agreed with Ashley. But her biggest worry on the road is not the prices of gas.

"Many times cell phone drivers have ran innocent me off the road, so cell phone users beware," she cautioned.

The price of gas for her is nothing compared the price on her life.