Valley hopes to gain congressional seat after census results

Texas State Rep. Veronica Gonzales

The Lone Star State made big gains during the 2010 census.

Officials with the U.S. Census announced a press conference on Tuesday morning.

The United States population is now 308,745,538 people with Texas in the Top 5 most populus states.

Arizona, Georgia, Florida and Texas are among the states gaining congressional seats.

But officials announced that Texas is gaining four congressional seats -- more than any other states.

The congressional district boundaries will be decided by the Texas Legislature this coming Spring.

Action 4 News asked if the Rio Grande Valley would get a new congressional seat out of the deal.

Texas State Rep. Veronica Gonzales said redistricting is a lengthy process that starts in the legislature and ends with the approval of the U.S. Justice Department.

2010 U.S. Census Interactive Map