Valley Houston Texans fans to participate in NFL game

Their passion for their team captured the attention of football fans across Texas and the United States.

And now, that passion is being rewarded.

A group of Houston Texans fans from the Rio Grande Valley is expected to participate in Sunday's game against the Atlanta Falcons.

Members of the "Los Tejanos del Sur" reported that they will be traveling to Houston where they'll be participating in the game's flag-raising ceremony.

Officials with the Houston Texans were not immediately available for comment but the group reported on its website that the team had rewarded them for their loyalty.

The group captured national attention when they protested outside the KGBT-TV studios back in November.

The Houston Texans fans were upset by the station's decision to air the Dallas Cowboys game instead of the Houston Texans game.

The game will be aired on FOX at noon on Sunday, December 4th.

Los Tejanos del Sur will be holding their official viewing party at the Buffalo WIld Wings of Ruben Torres Boulevard in Brownsville.

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