Valley International Airport at risk of losing millions

On Monday morning, the Valley International Airport Board will meet behind closed doors.

Its members are set to discuss a serious threat to the airport's income.

The threat comes in response to a complaint of economic discrimination filed against the City of Harlingen.

Sun Valley Aviation wants a piece of business at Valley International Airport.

The company would operate as a hangar, housing and servicing planes.

Its only competition would be Gulf Aviation.

For years, Sun Valley fought to set up shop at the Harlingen airport, but it could never secure funding approval from the Harlingen City Commission.

A complaint to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) alleges economic discrimination against Harlingen.

The complaint has the city commission changing its tune.

Millions of dollars are said to be at stake.

"Valley International Airport has literally received tens of millions of dollars in funds from the FAA probably in just the last six years, said Harlingen Mayor Chris Boswell.

Boswell said the city commission understands the necessity of following FAA rules.

"We're working towards a resolution of the complaint that Sun Valley has filed, said Boswell.

We're going to do whatever the FAA says we need to do."

Boswell said the FAA encourages competition among businesses.

"It needs to allow other folks to come on and do business at the airport, if they want to do business, said Boswell.

That's just what Sun Valley is vying for.

Gulf Aviation, its only competition, complains the airport won't offer enough business for the both of them.

In response to Sun Valley Aviation's complaint, Valley International Airport sent the FAA documents defending itself.

Now the City of Harlingen is waiting for a ruling from the administration as to what action needs to be taken to remedy the situation.