Valley K-9 officers undergo training for 'synthetic marijuana'

Chili does not waste anytime when he is out on patrol.

With his nose to the ground, Chili starts to track his target with a vengeance.

While finding illegal narcotics might be Chili's specialty--his job is about to get a little harder as he prepares to start sniffing out synthetic marijuana.

"Now that it is illegal we need to make sure we train our officers and K-9 officers to detect the compound." San Juan Sergeant Rolando Garcia said.

Sgt. Garcia said the synthetic marijuana will not be as difficult to detect for his human officers because it looks just like the real deal.

He said it will be more difficult for the K-9's because the odor of the synthetic marijuana is not as recognizable as regular marijuana.

But no matter the level of difficulty--he said the K9's will start their training to keep these now illegal drugs off the streets.