Valley kids to compete in Olympics

About 70 kids from right here in the valley are heading to north Texas to compete in the 2012 Junior Olympics in Pearland on Friday.

They have been practicing for a year for this event and their coach told us they TMre ready for the gold.

We're real excited about doing well, said John Tucker, head coach of the Harlingen Aquatics Team. We've got a lot of good swimmers going... last year we placed 5th out of 37 teams and we had 40 kids go and we were competing against teams that had over 500 kids.

Coach Tucker TMs crew along with other kids from across the valley will come together to represent the valley and hopefully stroke their way to victory.

12 year old Alexa Garcia is a member of the team that participated in last year's meet she told us she is really excited to head back again this year.

Although she scored a few team medals last time she hopes this time she will get better individual results, giving it all my best and bringing home that medal."

For many swimmers in this team, their Olympic aspirations don TMt end in Pearland and hope this training will one day launch them on the USA team.

But for now they are just looking forward to making the valley proud and bringing home a pool full of medals.

If you TMre interested in the becoming a part of the Harlingen Aquatics Team we TMve provided a link and phone number below.

John Tucker Coach956.873.1951