Valley Landowner: "I know what I saw"

Rusty Monsees said he saw a Mexican helicopter flying over his property in Cameron County around noon on Friday. "I could see what looked like a post and there was someone who was hunkered down at the doorway... He appeared to be in uniform," Monsees said. Monsees said the incursion was yards away from his home. He spotted the Mexican helicopter while driving on Monsees Road where he lives. "It was gray in color and on the tail section on either side it had circles... The Mexican designation," Monsees recalled. There have been three previous reports of Mexican helicopters flying over Texas skies since March. Action 4 News obtained photos of the alleged incidents in Starr and Zapata Counties. A Border Patrol spokesperson confirmed agents in the area did spot a Mexican helicopter along the border but said they did not "see" an incursion occur. Monsees said he finds that hard to believe. "I'm not calling the guys liars... But I know from where I was... what I saw," Monsees said. The Federal Aviation Administration says it could not confirm whether or not a Mexican helicopter strayed into the United States. Despite those reports to the contrary, Rusty is calling for a full government investigation.

"They're violating my rights... They're violating my safety," he said. "It worries me because if they're armed... if they have live ammunition on board and somebody hits the switch... who's gonna pay for it... me... the neighbors... my dogs?"

Monsees said he will be keeping a sharp eye on the sky to take photos as evidence should an "incursion" happen again.