Valley law enforcement officials get 'military-style' training

State troopers, police officers from across Texas joined Border Patrol agents and U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers for special training at the Bayview Immigration Detention Center on Wednesday.

Whether raiding a stash house, or chasing down criminals, the groups trained on how to come out of any situation alive.

Tactical Training Instructor Aaron Orr spoke to Action 4 News about the special training dril.

It's pretty much the same standards (they) use in the military," Orr said.

He said it's training that is needed along the border.

"The border violence is really high, so what we're trying to do, is get them trained so they don TMt have to wait for (Emergency Management Service), so they can go ahead and get their people out of the fire fight," Orr said.

Participants were faced with life and death situations, from routine traffic stops to pursuing illegal immigrants along the river, every day.

They welcomed the rigorous training.

Orr said this type of physical training is designed to protect the lives of those who put theirs on the line for the public.

"There's a lot of really good men and women that died to get this information straight from the combat zones right over seas, Orr said. A lot of the special operations units use them - special forces, seals, all those guys.

Some of the front line defenders said the death of U.S. Immigration and Customs Special Agent Jaime Zapata, left them eager for more training, and Orr said now with the training under their belt, officers TM survival chances have increased.

"You can change 20 percent of life lost on any type of battle field, with just the methods we're trying to teach right here," Orr said.

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