Valley lawmaker believes not enough electricity is being generated in Texas

State Representative Rene Oliveira

A Rio Grande Valley lawmaker is worried that Texas is not prepared to meet the demand of electricity for state which means possible brown and black-outs .

State Representative Rene Oliveira said he's in shock of how quickly things took a turn for the worst in just one year for the Texas electrical grid.

He said not enough electricity is being generated, power plants are shutting down and investors are not building new ones to meet the growing demands.

Oliveira said the shortage of electricity could impact people throughout the state in just about one to two years.

He said just last year reports indicated that Texas was generating enough power, but recent events, like the drought, plants shutting down because they fail to meet environmental regulations and lack of investment in new power plants have left state leaders scrambling for a solution to avoid the potential blackouts.

"You're looking at disruption business wise, when you're down for a day or more if you have brown-outs and black-outs it affects your productivity, it can be a health and safety issue, many of the elderly, we've had deaths in the past from lack of proper air conditioning and cooling"

Oliveira says cities that have their own source of generating power such as Brownsville with P-U-B, San Antonio and Austin would not be impacted as much. However, most cities in the valley and state would suffer since they depend on an electrical grid which can be manipulated to meet high electricity demand wherever needed.

Oliveira said it may be time to review the regulations in place for building new power plants and get rid of those not necessary. Refurbishing old plants and conservation efforts will also be critical in the next few years.