Valley Legislator Files Bill for 4-day School Week

With funds for public education being cut by state legislators, at least one is proposing to cut down on the school week.

Instead of five, Texas schools would go to a four day a week schedule, with an extra hour of instruction added each day.

"They should have longer days so they don't make mistakes like I did, Stephen Torres said. You know, get girls pregnant... or like stay in school... be focused... go to college."

House Bill 1326 was filed by Representative Ryan Guillen of Rio Grande City.

Guillen, a Democrat, says school districts would save on fuel and utility costs.

However, saving money, Gayle Gallon of the Houston Federation of Teachers said, should not always come at the expense of education.

"They could save multi-billions if they just decided not to educate 'em at all; because that's the direction they're moving in."

Fallon said at a time when education is becoming more competitive globally, students need instruction time.

"Every other industrialized nation has a longer school week, a longer school year, more time on task, she said. So, let me see, we're going to be internationally competitive, by cutting back the amount of time we educate children."

The proposed legislation has lots of people talking here Harlingen High School.

Many people do support the measure but others fear children will get into trouble with 1 less day a week at school.

"I think it's better for them to stay in school the whole week... It just keeps them out of trouble," Janice Torres said.

"I think the full week would be better, George Leal said. I mean too much time on their hands would cause more trouble for them. That would be more time on the streets for them as well."

Other parents said the loss of a school day will simply transfer costs to working parents having to pay for another day of child care.

The proposal for a four-day-a-week school schedule is in the preliminary stages.