Valley man allegedly scammed out of hundreds of dollars

Bobby Thomas, like many Americans, has been struggling to make ends meet.

He was behind on a few bills and needed help to dig himself out of mounting debt.

"You keep thinking things are going to get better, Thomas said. The farther I went the worse it got."

A pre-approved $1500 loan was supposed to be his salvation to the money crunch.

"I called the number and they told me to send them some money," Thomas said.

Thomas said he thought it was strange that he needed to send the loan company the money first but desperate times call for desperate measures.

"I scraped together some money to send them," Thomas said.

Thomas said he sent the money to individual people not an actual company in India.

The alleged business received the money, but apparently it was not enough.

Thomas said a woman requested even more money from him.

"I borrowed some more money and sent it to them," Thomas said.

He still did not receive dime.

Thomas said the next time he called"no one answered.

Thomas said, now, he can see there were red flags popping up all around him"flags he chose to ignore.

Unfortunately ignoring those signs came at a price.

Officials with the Better Business Bureau told Action 4 News there is nothing they can do to help out Thomas"because they do not have jurisdiction in India.

They said people need to remember if they are receiving a loan"they will not have to send money before getting those services.

Officials with the BBB said if a person has a question about a company they can call the BBB for more information.