Valley man diagnosed with West Nile virus


A Starr County man has been diagnosed with the West Nile virus.

However health officials say he did not come in contact with an infected mosquito in the valley.

Health officials said the Starr County man was working in another state when he contracted the potentially deadly virus. The man is now receiving treatment for the virus. Dr. Brian Smith, Regional Medical Director for the Department of State Health Services said the man was working in a state dealing with several West Nile cases, when he was bitten by an infected mosquito. According to Dr. Smith, West Nile virus cases are counted based on the county of the resident.

Dr. Smith said the man had been away from the valley for several months due to his job due to his job.

Doctors expected the man to make a full recovery.

Dr. Smith said there are currently no other West Nile virus cases or infected mosquitoes detected in the Rio Grande Valley. They are asking Valley residents need to remain vigilant.

Dr. Smith said it is important to prevent mosquitoes from breeding.

To prevent mosquitoes from breeding, make sure to get rid of any standing water in your home, check flower beds and water fountains, and make sure to keep your yard cut.

If you are going to be out after dusk, use mosquito repellent.