Valley man fighting auto industry bailout

Medina needs the filing fees for his Pro Se lawsuit.

Marco Medina said it's frustrating that the auto industry is attempting to get bailout money from the government. As the the debate continues in Washington DC, Medina said it's a big mistake and he believes he has a better solution.

"Let the government give the money to the people and let the people go buy the cars, Medina told Action 4 News. Medina says the economy is in bad shape people in the Rio Grande Valley are struggling.

He feels its his duty as a citizen to express his voice. "I went to the federal court in Brownsville to see if I can file a motion injunction to stop the government from giving money to the auto industry, Medina said. But he's going to have to take some extra steps, that will cost several hundred dollars.

Medina said he is willing to take as long as the taxpayers get some extra help.

"I don't have no furniture, Medina said. But I know there's a lot of people who don't have nothing that's worse than me and that's the people that the government needs to help. Medina says if the government wants to help out the economy it needs to start with the people who purchase goods.

He says if the government is willing to give out bailouts then they should bailout the citizens with another stimulus plan.