Valley man helping end hunger along the border

Every spoonful, every bite going into the mouths of hungry Nuevo Progreso children a Methodist Church dining hall came from generous donations by valley residents.

They can thank John Johansen, a modern day Robin Hood, taking from those who have, and giving to those who don't.

The only difference is that instead of a bow and arrow, he uses please and thank you.

"The people they really want to help other people, Johansen said. That's a natural thing to do and we're just giving them the opportunity."

One year ago, Johansen and his Methodist Church set up shop outside the Weslaco Wal-Mart, asking shoppers to donate food or money.

It benefits the lunch program for their sister church across the border in Nuevo Progreso, Mexico, which feeds over 120 kids on a daily basis.

"With all the people today that are out of work there's an awful lot of need for food," he added.

The pastor of the church in Nuevo Progreso is thankful for the help they have received so far.

Long thought of as the safest town along the Valley's border, Nuevo Progreso has seen the number of visitors diminish, and so has the charity they use to feed hungry kids.

Johansen is also thankful for the support the people of Weslaco have shown.

But his goal is to inspire others to follow in his footsteps.

"This can be done all over the country and especially in the Valley because we're got a lot of people that really need it," Johansen concluded.

He said getting started is very easy and that he is willing to help others get started.

In order to have a table in front of a Wal-Mart, they need to be affiliated with a non-profit organization.

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