Valley mother said she support DEA synthetic marijuana raids

The search warrant was filed on Monday and two days later nearly three dozen ~smoke shops TM across the Rio Grande Valley found themselves at the center of an investigation.

"I'm really happy, Sandra Llanos told Action 4 News. I'm glad this is happening because it has ruined a lot of families. My son was one of the lucky ones that we caught in time---we were able to get him the help that he needed."

Back in June Sandra turned to Action 4 News for help.

Her son Joshua went missing while on a family vacation to Austin.

"Before going there we realized he wasn't being his usual self, Sandra explained. Saying things that didn't make any sense---hallucinating."

Sandra realized her son was in trouble when she found dozens of packets of incense in Joshua TMs room --- something she believed he was smoking.

"That, to me, was like an eye opener," Llanos said. "I got on my knees and asked God to give me one more chance to make this better."

Sandra believed she got that chance---Joshua was found a week later and sent to a drug rehabilitation program.

This mother told Action 4 News these raids conducted by DEA are a step in the right direction

"I'm really glad that the DEA is getting involved--because it needs to be stopped," Llanos said.