Valley motorists turning to more fuel efficient cars amid rising gas prices

Rio Grande Valley motorists are turnning to hybrids and more fuel-efficient cars amid rising gas prices.

Scott Dupons, Vice President of the Gillman Auto Group, told Action 4 News that they've seen a lot of interest over the past couple of months.

"We've seen a shift in the market away from trucks on the truck buyer that is buying it because of the size and look," Dupons said.

He said their parking lot in Harlingen used to be filled with 80 Chevrolet Cruze cars, but now only 13 remain.

"We're seeing it now, we're out of cars because people are saving money said Scott Dupons.

The Chevy Cruze gets about 36 miles to the gallon.

Scott Dupons says their customers are looking for economy efficient cars.

He said more people are overlooking the look and size of a car to save money.

Just last month, General Motors sold more than 25,000 Chevrolet Cruze cars, a 27 percent increase over trucks.

"We had a customer this past week that has a truck and bought an additional vehicle and the cost of the vehicle, insurance and savings of gas reduced his monthly gas bill." Dupons said.

And while some are buying new cars, others are looking on other ways to save gas on what car they already have.

Dupons said its important to maintain proper maintenance on your vehicle and be cautions on how much driving you are doing.