Valley natives ride out "Sandy" in New York

Dylan Weeks // Family Photo

Dylan Weeks is hunkering down in his New York University dorm.

He and his roommates spent Monday afternoon preparing for Hurricane Sandy as it approached the Jersey Shore.

But the effects could be felt at the 14th Street dorm in Manhattan.

The biggest thing happening now is the wind, Weeks said. I have seen all sorts of things being blown down the street.

Weeks said dealing with hurricanes a familiar nuisance.

"I learned a lot living in the Valley, he said.

The Science Academy graduate from Edinburg is also a former Eagle Scout, who is well prepared for the super storm

"My neighborhood is one of the neighborhoods slated for pre-emptive power shutdown so we're expecting that at any time, he said.

He has kept in constant contact with his parents back home in the Valley but feels secure in his dorm.

NYU has been updating students through email and social media every few minutes.

The school cancelled classes on Monday and Tuesday. They TMll all have to stay put and ride out the massive storm.

Weeks tweeted on Monday night that the scheduled power outage was trumped by an unexpected transformer going out.

This was not a controlled shut down apparently, he wrote on Twitter. Makes things much worse.

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