Valley parents warned not leave kids in the car during summer

Temperatures in your car can rise to almost 20 degrees in just ten minutes.

That's why it's never a good idea to leave your children in the car.

"People need to understand that a vehicle is not a babysitter, said McAllen Fire Department Lt. Rene Alanis.

Lt Alanis suggests keeping something in the back seat like a purse or a briefcase to remind you to take your children with you.

"Some of the studies I saw in research, they did one at 80 degrees and within 15 minutes the temperature was over 120 degrees so we are talking about 107 body temperature you can see it doesn't take a child to receive serere damage or death if left in the vehicle, he said.

Lt. Alanis said even people running a store for a few minutes parking their car in the shade need to pay attention.

Take your children with you and keep them out of harm TMs way, he said.