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      Valley priest has hope for the future

      Valley priest has hope for the future
      It will not be easy"but reform is something that has to happen in order for the Catholic Church to move forward and out of the dark shadow of scandal. "I believe that there is always hope," Father Greg Labus told Action 4 News. Father Labus said reform should not be just a one-time event|.he said the catholic church needs to continue on this path in order to better serve its followers and those around the world."We can't go to the world and say 'reform your lives' if we're not following Jesus faithfully in our lives."In his opinion, Father Labus said the stage has already been set.The Holy Father was chosen rather quickly, he told Action 4 news"so he believes all of the Cardinals who cast their votes are in agreement of who is best equipped to make those much needed changes. "I'm sure the agenda has been set already for the new holy father and the cardinals have spoken to him. That's how I'm perceiving this. I'm sure we'll be hearing more and more about the direction the holy father will be setting for the church."With an agenda most likely already set"Pope Francis has challenges ahead but none that his faithful followers believe he cannot handle.