Valley Protests on Eve of Bill's Approval

Dozens of people took to the streets of Brownsville on Sunday to show their support or disapproval of the health care bill.

Just hours before the historic legislation was approved, nearly 50 members of the Tip of Texas Tea Party gathered outside the offices of Congressman Solomon Ortiz.

Sue Goldberg, president of the conservative group, told Action 4 News she staunchly opposed the bill.

But she added she was not against health care reform.

"We TMre not against health care, she said. We TMre just against the way they TMre doing it."

However, her group was not the only present.

Down the street, more than 100 counter-demonstrators showed up, including members of the Coffee Party, the counter movement to the tea party.

They were there to show their support for Congressman Ortiz and his decision to vote in favor of the bill.

We need to have health care for everyone, not just for those that work and for those that can afford it, Sylvia Garza-Perez said.