Valley radio station boasts "Largest BBQ in Texas"

A Rio Grande Valley radio station claims it has held the Biggest BBQ in Texas.

It all took place at the Boggus Ford dealership in Harlingen on Friday.

Hundreds of people dropped by for Q 94.5 FM The Rock TMs "Pre-Super Bowl Tailgate Party" throughout the day.

Organizers said it was all made possible by generous donations from around the Valley.

On the grill, were more than 3,300 pound of meat, 100 pounds of onion and 8,000 tortillas all served on 6,000 paper plates.

Morning radio DJs "Big Al" and Charlie were co-hosting the event.

"We decided we wanted to have a Super Bowl tailgate party on a Friday because we knew nobody would show up on Sunday when everybody TMs got super bowl parties to go to, Charlie said.

Organizers said it TMs the 14th year for the big event.