Valley reaches out to paralyzed teen

Daniel and his mother

The valley community is reaching out to lend a helping hand to a paralyzed teen in the hospital who can't go home yet due to his family's poor living conditions.

It TMs all thanks to viewers who watched the story that aired on Action 4 Thursday night.

What seemed like such a hopeless situation, turned into a glimmer of hope Friday.

The smile on Daniel's face said it all.

His expression was very different from the night before.

Where he laid in his hospital bed saying all he wanted to do was go home, but from one day to the next, the family has received a great amount of hope.

I'm happy because people are helping me, said Daniel TMs mother Esmeralda. And I know that we are going to continue going forward and we're going to change the house, thanks to God."

The 18-year-old was hospitalized after a car accident on graduation night left Daniel paralyzed from the waist down.

Health care providers said the San Benito family's home was in such poor condition, it would not be a sufficient place for Daniel to recover.

His mother cried in desperation, saying if they did not get their house fixed in time to accommodate her son, he would have to live with another family.

"Our house needs light and water, said Esmeralda. That would make me feel better so I could go home. I just want to go home."

After seeing Daniel's story Thursday, many hearts were touched.

Many viewers offered to help Daniel and his family pay the electricity bill, start fundraisers, fix the floors, the plumbing and the carpentry work.

All of it at no change.

Daniel's mother said if members of the community live up to their promises, she can finally bring her son home.

"We will be better off, said Esmeralda. If people will help me like the way they say they are, then yes.

"I feel really grateful for those people that are trying to help me and my mom, said Daniel. I just wanna go home. I'm ready to go back home. Be at the house."

And there is also more good news.

The San Benito High School graduate said he is gaining movement back in his legs.

Although he can't feel them, he said he walked with braces strapped to his legs for the first time.

All of it a sign that Daniel will one day be able to walk again.

The family continues to welcome help from the community.

They have set up an account at Capital One Bank for anyone to give a donations.

The account is under his mother TMs name, Esmeralda Alegria.