Valley reacts to Michael Jackson's death

Action 4 News went out in the community to get fan reaction on the death of the King of Pop.

It's amazing how fast word of his death spread via text messages, Facebook and Twitter.

Jackson was no stranger to controversy.

Here's what some shocked fans from the Rio Grande Valley had to say.

Andrea Tafolla said she got the news from her sister.

"I was in the movies and I got a text from my sister telling me Michael Jackson was dead. I didn't believe it," Tafolla said.

Others couldn't believe his suddent and unexpected death.

"It's sad," one woman said. "I guess it hasn't sunk in yet. I'm just like wow...He died."

Word of Michael Jackson's death even spread to Harlingen's White Wings Stadium where songs like "Beat It" were played on the PA system.

Hiram Perez said he remembers Michael Jackson most for his videos.

"Watching the videos growing up and the way he used to dance and how he used to dress," Perez said. "The inovative things he used to come up with...."

Tafolla agreed.

"His dancing....his music...he was an icon," she said.

Perez said he and others in the Valley want to wish his grieving family their condolences.

"Everybody here in the Rio Grande Valley, the fans down here, they really feel sad and hope the family's doing well," he said.

While the King of Pop might be gone, his legacy will live on.