Valley Red Cross helping with Haiti earthquake

As relief continues for the victims of a massive earthquake that hit Haiti, the American Red Cross is doing what they do best -- volunteering.

The Valley is always very responsive as far as disasters and wanting to help out others that are not as fortunate, said Jorge Barrientos, Red Cross spokesperson for the South Texas branch.

Barrientos said he is staying busy with the amount of community members eager to help and tells Action 4 News some are even putting up charity events.

People that want to do their own fundraising and collect their food and their clothing and donate it to the people in Haiti," he said.

But this Red Cross spokesperson warns not everyone is as kind hearted and stated some also see an opportunity.

But he's warning potential donors to look out for scams.

Barrientos encourages them to stick with a trusted name like the American Red Cross with over a century of service.

One hundred percent of donations go to the Red Cross," explained Barrientos.

Now the non-profit accepts only monetary donations and adds they're always looking for volunteers for just these types of moments.

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