Valley residents asked to 'Let It Ring' during the holidays

The holiday season is here from the gifts, to the food, and soon it will time to toast into the New Year.

But with all of the hustle and bustle you can't forget about the holiday traffic.

Local Attorney Ezequiel Reyna spoke to Action 4 News about the holiday rush on the roads.

"Especially now at this time of the season when people are more out and about in doing their shopping and doing their socializing," Reyna said.

Attorney Reyna sees the devastating effects of traffic accidents first hand.

"We've been practicing for 30 years and we seen an onslaught of activity, the accident side during this time of year and it's really unfortunate," Reyna said.

He said a lot of the crashes are caused by people talking on their cell phone or texting and driving.

"We see it here in our office where the victims come in and they'll tell us, we saw them on the phone or the driver actually never saw us ", said Reyna.

Reyna told Action 4 News one tragic case involved a mom of four young children who lost her life in a crash.

"She got killed by a person using the phone", said Reyna.

Larry Martinez with Casarez Driving School in McAllen says teaching the dangers of using your cell phone and texting while driving is an important part of the school's curriculum.

"We really emphasize the point where we're not supposed to be texting and even though people use a head set it is still very important to still pull over because our mind is pre-occupied ", said Martinez.

So as your out and about this holiday season, getting ready to ring in the new year, you can also take the Action 4 News pledge to "Let It Ring".