Valley residents cashing in on gold boom

Today's demand for gold has created a modern-day gold rush that folks can join without any mining equipment. And Valley Gold Exchange Owner Sandra Smith Cooper agrees.

They see they fact their gold can be worth some money and they say you know what I need it now because I need to cash to pay rent. The economy is dictating a lot of these thoughts.

Gold has tripled in value in just the last five years says Sandra Cooper.

That's got valley residents digging through their jewelry boxes and closets for any gold they don't use anymore.

There's other equipment too than just the acid testing. We also have the ability to check on a larger scale using state of the art equipment that actually with 99.99 percent accuracy knows exactly what kind of gold content is in the metal. It measures everything from the copper to the zinc to sterling silver. It shows the exact metals that is in that gold.

Sandra says there are many gold services around town and even some that pay you through the mail, however she recommends you do your research before selling

Rule of thumb says Sandra, Make sure they're accredited, make sure their scales are state regulated and ask questions. Often reputable organizations will also have a website.

And after becoming an informed buyer or seller, you can bank on the fact that a little extra money never hurt anyone.