Valley residents crowd stores with returns, looking for sales

Didn't fit. Didn't work. Or just didn't like it.

Many Rio Grande Valley residents got an early start on returning gifts on the day after Christmas.

The Target store in Brownsville had a line of eager customers outside the store before opening its doors at 7 a.m. Wednesday.

Once they opened shop, there was a non-stop line at the customer service desk.

Customers were seen people exchanging everything from clothes to toys.

But the best part is that they didn TMt TM necessarily have to have a receipt to make an exchange.

Managers told Action 4 News that they're expecting an even bigger crowd tonight as people get out of work and wrap-up family festivities.

To make things easier, managers ask you bring your merchandise receipt if you have one.

But even without a receipt, the store will still offer you an exchange and will honor the price of the merchandise for those with an ID card.

Store employees can also look up information on an item if it was purchased with a credit or debit card.

Manager Roxanne Briseo said they will try every option before turning a customer away.

"We do know there are situations where they need to change the sizes, a toy or electronic can be defective so we do want to make sure we do everything possible to help our guests, Briseo said. In case we tried and weren't able to help them, we call guest relations in case there's an electronic item that's a little bit pricey that's when we offer the manufacturer, there's always a manufacturer return.

But it TMs not just returns, holiday clearance sales have also brought in many customers looking to take advantage.

If you have to return a gift, store managers and employees also ask that you come prepared and be patient and polite.