Valley residents first learned about Bin Laden's death via social media

How did you hear about Osama Bin Laden's death?

If you ask someone how they first heard about the news they'll likely say it was via a text message from a friend - or via Twitter or Facebook.

Word of Bin Laden's death at his compound in Pakistan quickly spread like wildfire.

And nowhere was it more evident than on Facebook and Twitter.

Millions turned to social media networks to talk about it before President Barack Obama confirmed it in a live television broadcast.

At the speed of Twitter,the world found out that Bin Laden was dead.

Officials estimate that there were 3,440 tweets per second were while Obama was speaking and a peak of 5,106 Tweets per second.

Rio Grande Valley residents joined in on the conversation on the Action 4 News Facebook fan page.

Action 4 News Facebook fan Cyndi Lopez wrote about how she found out.

"I found out at 1 a.m. when I was on Facebook at home....when I was -- reading everyone TMs status...and then went -- and checked on your website to see the videos, she said.

Harlingen resident Jennifer Kinser also found out through social media.

"On Facebook|then turned on the news, she wrote.

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