Valley residents gather to remember Pearl Harbor

It was the fateful day when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor 69 years ago.

But today, it's still fresh in Colonel Bob Trdla's mind.

"I remember when i was a little boy, and I can still remember how horrible a day it was when we heard that the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor," Trdla said.

It was a war that impacted so many around the world. "It was the start of that horrible World War II that killed so many millions of people," Trdla said.

Trdla served two tours in Vietnam, another killer war, but he said it's painful to remember to Pearl Harbor.

"That brings a lot of sad memories," said Trdla.

But the Veterans, parents and community members at the Pearl Harbor rememberance ceremony said honoring those who served in the wars is important.

"The ceremony wasn't only to remember Pearl Harbor, but also to remember those who died recently in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars," said Trdla.

Thirty-eight Valley residents who served in Iraq and Afghanistan from 2003 to 2010 were commemorated with a roll call and rose ceremony.

The latest who died Corporal Derek Hernandez--Private First Class Adriana Alvarez and Diego Montoya were added to the Veterans War Memorial.

"We really appreciate it, and we are so happy," said Israel Hernandez, a fallen soldier's father.

Corporal Derek Hernandez's father said he'll enjoy looking into his son's face on the dedication wall.

"It's sad to see, but we're gonna remember him and come here all the time and remember him," said Hernandez.