Valley Residents in the Dark on Health Care

The Rio Grande Valley has some of highest numbers of uninsured people in the country, Action 4 News found out many of them are still in the dark when it comes to health care reform.

As Democrats fight to get enough votes to pass the health care reform bill, Valley residents are still struggling to understand what is going on in Washington.

"I just wish it was easier to get healthcare," Marisol Hallett told Action 4 News.

She said the long debates and politics is overwhelming, and while Hallett feels its important, she stopped paying attention.

But Hallett is not the only one. Many others people told Action 4 News they did not know enough about the healthcare bill. One of those individuals is Ignacia Gonzalez

"I TMm in favor of it," she said. I support Obama and I hope something comes out of it.

However, even Gonzales admitted she does not know anything about the bill, except that it could provide more coverage for more people.

Action 4 Political Analyst, and the Republican Chair for Hidalgo County, Hollis Rutledge said a possible reason why people might be in dark could be the procedure used to approve the bill.

"They TMre going about it in such a way as to hide the votes of the Congressmen who know they should have voted against it," he said.

But Manny Vela, lead attorney for Valley Baptist Medical Center and Action 4 TMs Democratic Political Analyst, said the process is justified.

"We have about 40 percent of the population down here who are uninsured, he added. Theoretically, anything that can be done to help lower those numbers would help us out in a strong general way.