Valley residents launch Facebook page to save popular DJ's job

Most people don't know Amanda Flores by sight bu definitely recognize her voice

It TMs a daily struggle. Faced with a struggling economy, more and more employers are streamlining budgets and eliminating positions.

Last week, a popular radio DJ on 106.3 KISS was laid off.

"They began laying off individuals in larger markets, Amanda Flores said. I would say I went about five or six layoffs. I survived at least 5 or 6 rounds of layoffs.

Flores had her own radio show. She was the Amanda of the Jay and Amanda Morning Show on KISS 106.3 here in the Rio Grande Valley.

Unable to survive the latest cuts at her company, Flores is one of the latest to join the 12.3% unemployed population in Hidalgo County.

It isn't easy to hear your services will no longer be needed," Flores said.

Despite the bad news, she remains positive.

Amanda is now using her voice as a platform to tell other TMs that are going through the same thing that things will be okay.

You have to believe there's something out there for us," she said. "I know it is difficult to find a job. I understand there's not a plethora of jobs for people to have and there's lines, upon line of people getting their unemployment or fill out application after application and never get a call back|.but that which does not kill you makes you stronger."

While the popular DJ took the high road, her listeners fought back.

They immediately started a Facebook page urging 106.3 to give Amanda her job back.

"The reaction was really surprising," Flores said.

I wasn't expecting so many people to be so supportive," she said.

For now, Flores is keeping her career options open.

As she looks for her next move, Flores has a message for her listeners.

Keep listening to local radio stations to help avoid others from losing their job," she said.

Click here to go to the Bring Amanda Back to KISS 106.3 Facebook page