Valley residents pledge to lose weight for New Year's

Lots of people set their sights on a healthier way of life for the New Year and often times that means shedding some unsightly pounds.

A journey that has taken Alma Martinez five years to accomplish.

The 48-year-old says one of her breaking points was when she couldn't stand her looks or how she felt.

At 4 feet 11 inches, she weighed 204 pounds, should could barely walk or breathe.

She decided to get more exercise and to watch the amount of food she was eating.

Alma had a little trouble at first, but went to Su Clinica Familiar in Brownsville for help.

"As I met with Tabitha, she started to teach us different meal plans, portion size and to work on the smaller goals first, Martinez said.

Today, five years later, Alma does not even look like the same person.

She lost more than 100 pounds, almost half her original weight.