Valley residents react to Bin Laden's death

Naissa Lopez (left) and Christina Garcia (right)

Thousands of people turned out in the streets of Washington D.C. and New York City to celebrate the news that Osama Bin Laden is dead.

In the Rio Grande Valley, it was a celebration on a smaller scale.

Action 4 News spoke to several people at a local Applebee TMs Bar & Grill where the clinking of glasses could be heard celebrating.

Wearing Barack Obama T-shirts, San Benito residents Naissa Lopez and Christina Garcia said they first heard the news on Facebook and Twitter.

They said they wanted to celebrate being Americans and this victory in the War on Terror.

"We decided to change our shirts from what we were wearing, Garcia said. Like nobody else was really celebrating but we decided we should be proud that we're in this age and time. I knew exactly where I was on September 11th and I'll always remember where I am today."

The two University of Texas at Brownsville students said they went to President Barack Obama's inauguration in Washington D.C. and were now happy to celebrate his biggest accomplishment.

"Just for a few moments, if we could all just calm down and celebrate what our president and our military have accomplished, Lopez said. It TMs something that nobody ever thought they were going to accomplish. It TMs important."

Mari Weaver was moving on Sunday evening but that didn't stop her from hearing about what happened.

She got several phone calls from family members and friends.

" It's historic, Weaver said outside a local Whataburger. Now maybe things can get better for everybody, not just the United States but for the other countries that are struggling with this kind of thing going on."

Harlingen resident Ysla Trevio said she found out Osama Bin Laden TMs death on Facebook.

Trevio said she was in elementary school when the 9-11 terrorist attack happens but believes Bin Laden TMs death looks good for President Obama TMs re-election bid in 2012.

"I'm sure more people are know..want him as president now because of that, Trevio said at a local Stripes gas station.

Back at Applebee's, that TMs something both Garcia and Lopez agree with.

"On Twitter, somebody said he just won himself a re-election, Lopez said. It's good promotion for right now. Tomorrow? Who knows what people will be saying. But right now, it's just important to celebrate what has happened right now without negativity."