Valley residents react to 'least intelligent' cities survey

Out of 200 cities, Brownsville and McAllen-Edinburg ranked 198 and 199 on a survey of America's least intelligent cities.

The survey used new data released by the U.S. Census bureau.

The website looked at the average level of higher education obtained by residents in 200 cities or metropolitan statistical areas.

For example the number of people with graduate and or professional degrees, those who attended college but stopped without a degree, others with a high school diploma, and dropout rates.

"There are lot of drop our rates in high school, and I think that plays out into the results", said Lisa Briones a college student. Another college student, Luis Delgado told Action 4 News, "I feel kind of stereotyped, a little offended".

One viewer writes on "Useless survey, it contains several fundamental flaws.

One of which is that intelligence level does not necessarily equal education level."

College student Joshua Rodriguez says, "There might be some people that are not interested in learning or having a good future but there are some people that actually want to be somebody."

Another viewer writes on "It's amazing with all the recognized and exemplary schools in the area, along with the great UTPA and STC, that we are ranked at the bottom of the intellectual list. "

Coming in at the very top of the survey, Boulder, Colorado.

Dr. Antonio Zavaletta, a professor at the University of Texas at Brownsville tells us he has done extensive research on the life and people of the valley, and says although he hasn't seen the study in detail, it's likely an inaccurate portrayal.

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