Valley residents ready for Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday offers discount items and free shipping.

Hundreds of people hit the streets in the early Friday morning to get in on all the deals but others decided to pass on the crowds and long lines.

"I try to avoid Black Friday," said Harlingen resident Luis Tamez. "Just too many people out there. Doing it from the privacy of my own home is a lot more comfortable just a lot more relaxing."

Star Banda said she agreed.

"I didn't do it I didn't think it was worth it, the Harlingen woman said.

Sefra Schwartz said she would rather take advanate of Cyber Monday.

"Anything that can get me out of the crowds would be a real gift, she said.

Retailers invented Cyber Monday a few years ago by offering discounted items and free shipping as a way to create a buzz around online shopping.

"Actually find some pretty good deals if you do some research on the internet it's fun to look for a good deal, Tamez said.

Tamez, Banda and Schwartz said they were glad they stayed home during Black Friday, after hearing about deadly incidents across the nation.

In New York, a temporary Wal-Mart worker was killed after being trampled by shoppers.

Two people were shot to death in a toy store after an apparent confrontation in California.

"It's just not worth going to the store's during this time of year," Schwartz said. "It's just too dangerous, especially with the economy as it is people are desperate."

She and hundreds of others Americans will be logging onto the Internet starting Monday in hopes of catching the best deals at the comfort of their home.

"Cyber Monday is the way to go, said Mr. Tamez

Many stores require promotion codes to get free shipping.

Shoppers are encouraged to go to to find out what stores are offering free shipping.

Retailers also set up for shoppers to find out which stores are participating in Cyber Monday.