Valley residents step up and pay it forward for West victims


Roy Martinez and a few others braved the rising South Texas heat on Thursday in an effort to help a devastated community.

"My wife and I got up this morning and knew there was something that we had to do, Martinez said. It's a small community and probably 100 percent of them have been affected one way or another."

Martinez started to make phone calls early this morning for help.

Soon, he said, people poured in with everything from water to blankets and paper towels.

But they need more.

Martinez said the community could use blankets, coats, bedding, food for people and animals, masks, gloves, and diapers.

1000's have been displaced, Martinez told Action 4 News. We're just trying to see what we can do."

It was not long ago that those living in McAllen needed the same type of help after a hail storm destroyed many homes and businesses.

Martinez said it is time to return the favor.

"We don't know the way the world works, Martinez started. It could be our turn tomorrow, the next day, or the next week. We've had issues before and people have been willing to help us --so now it's our turn to help them."

For more information on this effort call Roy Martinez at 227-7726.