Valley residents stocking up for Alex

The lines, baskets and even the shelves are signs of Tropical Storm "Alex" approaching.

"You just never know," said Harold Brehm.

"It's better safe than sorry," said Deallena Peters.

Peters said she remembers Hurricane Dolly.

"We didn't prepare like we did this year," said Peters.

This year she's making sure to take a trip to the store.

"Anything we can eat that doesn't take a lot of work to cook," said Peters.

She stocked up on anything from canned goods, to juices to water--anything that won't go bad in case the electricity goes out.

HEB Manager Mario DeLeon, Jr. said since yesterday people have been keeping this McAllen store busy buying batteries, flashlights, "and just the necessities to get through the hurricane," said DeLeon.

DeLeon said food, water and batteries are being brought in by the truckload, and staff will be working over night Wednesday to make sure things stay afloat after the storm is projected to land.

"Whatever we need to do," said DeLeon.