Valley residents urged to buy 'Made in the USA' during holidays

There TMs nothing more American than the American flag but ironically most of them aren TMt made here at home, they're made in China.

As it turns out, it doesn TMt stop with "old glory, take a look around your home and see how many products you can find are actually U.S. made?

Since 2000 and up to 2011| we've lost almost 1.9 million manufacturing jobs," said University of Texas in Brownsville Economics Professor Tom Coyle.

Coyle told Action 4 News that over the last 10 years, millions of American jobs have been sent overseas in search of cheaper products and even cheaper labor.

He credits the downfall on several things, he said many companies struggled to stay afloat because of high taxes and having to deal with difficult construction permits in the United States.The economics professor said it left many American manufacturing jobs on life support and the U.S. economy sluggish.

He said not all hope is lost, companies could be coming back home, but believes in order to get them here the government needs to take some major action.

Reducing corporate tax rate, giving R and D tax credit, and modernizing import and export controls, said Coyle. That would allow us to increase U.S. manufacturing to employment to an estimated 2.4 million jobs over the next 8 years.

While it may be long before the government irons out a solid solution many Americans aren TMt waiting around.

From websites to facebook pages to youtube campaigns this movement is hoping to bring our country back to those three proud words: "Made in America."