Valley residents urged to look for post-Thanksgiving travel deals

After enjoying Thanksgiving dinner and then snacking on some leftovers, you may want to book your flights to visit family for Christmas.

The deals are certainly not happening like they were when the industry was reeling from the recession, Betty Regner with Go with Jo Tours & Travel in Harlingen says.

"There was a time when you could wait a week or so before Christmas, says Betty Regner . If their (airlines) flights were filled up, they would open another section. They just don't do that anymore.

This year, with reduced capacity, fewer planes and fewer flights, waiting until the last minute probably won't land you the best fare.

This marks a difference from past years, when airlines waited until the last minute to put the best fares on sale.

You can get a good rate sometime later on if you're lucky, if they put a sale on which they sometimes do, says Betty. But it may not be where you want to go.

According to Betty, thanksgiving fares started to increase after mid-September and didn't look back.

Christmas fares spiked in mid-September, then dropped before climbing back up in the beginning of October.

But the good news is that the carriers and other travel providers are trying to lock in travelers by rolling out the deals now.

"If they see they are going to have empty seats then they will put out something to encourage people to buy tickets, says Betty.

Most of the time, the best time to travel is when everyone else isn't Betty says.

Instead, look for deals that fall around the holidays, but not on the holidays.