Valley residents warned about helping San Juan fugitive

A man accused of shooting and paralyzing his brother-in-law on Christmas Eve remains on the run.

San Juan police said Arnulfo Silguero is also wanted for a murder in Mexico.

They believe those charges prevent him from hiding out south of the border and that he's still hiding out in the Rio Grande Valley.

Investigators said he's most likely hiding out with friends or family members.

San Juan Police Sgt. Rudy Luna said many times family and friends believe they're doing the right thing by offering a "man on the run" a place to stay for a few days.

But he said they TMre putting themselves at risk of being charged with harboring a fugitive.

If you even get a phone call asking you to pick him up and you're aware that he is a fugitive, you can be charged, Sgt. Luna said. If you're hiding him somewhere. Those charges are worse.

According to police, Silguero followed his brother-in-law home, rammed his vehicle from behind numerous times, pulled up alongside his car and fired into the vehicle.

Investigators reported that the victim was shot multiple times and is now paralyzed but aren TMt sure of the extent of the paralysis.

Silguero is wanted for attempted capital murder.

The U.S. Marshals are now assisting in this investigation and search for Silguero, who is considered armed and dangerous.

Anyone with information is asked to call San Juan Crime Stoppers at (956) 283-TIPS.