Valley restaurants remain open despite Hurricane Alex

The rain, wind and flooded streets from Hurricane Alex didn't stop some Rio Grande Valley from going out and grabing a bite to eat.

Action 4 News paid a visit to one Harlingen restaurant where customers were flowing in.

It was business as usual for El Rancho Mexican restaurant, from the regulars like Josie Garcia.

"Every night, we come here to eat supper," Garcia said.

She said they stop by after being stuck at home.

"We were just frustrated in the house you know because it was so hot and we though it was going to come the storm but no it didn't so we just came over here to eat supper," Garcia said.

Don Wessinger said he's from Dallas but stopped in to get a meal.

He and his work crew were taking a break from official business related to the weather.

"We're observing damage that may occur to the hospital during the night for safety purposes and to try to stop any water or penetration that's getting into the building," Wessinger said.

El Rancho cashier Frances Diaz said the wind and rain is not stopping people from going out to eat and ordering plates to go.

"The drive-thru has been crazy," Diaz said.