Valley school districts call for state test revision

More than 400 school districts across the Lone Star State are calling upon the state legislature to re-examine the way students are tested.

Donna ISD is the latest school district in valley to pass a resolution concerning the matter.

Superintendent Robert Loredo says students must be tested but that there is a better way.

"We are not asking to abolish testing we certainly believe in accountability because we need to be accountable to our parents and community but don't make us rely on one single test," Loredo said.

Last week the school board unanimously passed a two page resolution calling on the state to reform the test.

This spring students across the state began the state's newest exam, the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness also referred to as the STAAR Test.

With so much of their future resting on one test Donna High School counselor Ester Campos says students are stressed.

"They are lost because they don't know what is going to happen, what kind of test it is, it's an end of course test so all what they have learned in that year they will need to recount, Campos said. What I TMm hearing from the students was this exit level test was different or harder than the year before."

Most of the test is multiple choice but Loredo says he would like to see a variety of testing methods that show the students critical thinking.

"Re-examine what is currently in place and get some input from us school districts from throughout the state and not just rely on one test."

Many other school districts across the valley have also passed similar resolutions including Mercedes ISD and La Joya ISD.