Valley Serviceman returns for Thanksgiving

It was an emotional reunion for the Sanchez family.

They welcomed their son with open arms as he arrived from Iraq to spend a couple of days with them for Thanksgiving.

"We're lucky enough to get him for 2 days," said Angel Sanchez, Serviceman Jacob Sanchez TMs mother.

Angel Sanchez said her son Jacob joined the Airforce and gave her the news that he was off to Iraq on mother's day.

"It was very emotional because it's always a scary thought when your child is leaving the country and going to a war torn area, said Sanchez.

As the Sanchez family waited for Jacob to arrive, Angel got antsy, but once Jacob approached, the look on her face said it all.

"I'm just so blessed that god has brought him back to us and has brought him back to us safely, said Sanchez. We see too many soldiers not coming back safely and it's hard, and I'm just thankful."

"It TMs always good to see my family," said Jacob when he arrived.

Jacob said the few moments he is able to spend with family is precious.

"I wish I could be there a little bit more, said Jacob.

He said he'll make the most of the time he has with family this holiday.

"I TMll eat a lot of turkey cause turkey's good...pumpkin pie...and just catch up," said Jacob.

Jacob said he'll be sad to go, but he'll be back next month to spend a few more days with family after Christmas.