Valley shows patriotic support for fallen soldiers

It has been an emotionally challenging couple of weeks, not just for the families of two fallen soldiers but for the entire community.

But despite that hardship patriotism remains.

Flags flying high symbolizing the freedom all Americans enjoy because of the sacrifice of others.

To protect that freedom both Staff Sgt. Bradley Espinoza and Sgt. Fernando de La Rosa made a life in the military.

Although both have lost their lives in protection of that freedom, patriotism lives on.

"This area is very unique, said Emilo De Los Santos, Director of the Hidalgo County Veterans Affairs. We probably have some of the most decorated soldiers...we have a number of Medal of Honor recipients, Purple Heart, and bronze star. They're all around the Valley."

For people like Bill Rose honoring all service men is his life mission. "These young fella's gave their life to keep all of this stuff away from our country....they put their life on the line, said Rose.

Rose, a veteran and member of the Patriot Guard Riders, said he along with many others volunteer their time to help make a fallen soldiers TM homecoming easier for the family. "Our mission is to support the family and let them know that we care and we're respectful of their loss....we feel honored to come out and help the family," said Rose.

Emilio De Los Santos said even as the number of fallen Valley soldiers continues to climb|patriotism will not fall. ."It's very saddening to go through this situation where you have a fallen hero...we have young brave men who will continue to serve this country," said De Los Santos.

As two Valley families continue to grieve"flags will remain at half staff in honor of those men who died protecting the freedom it stands for.