Valley soldier surprises niece at school

Spc. Lisandro Pulido has served in the US Army since 2008, and just returned from his second deployment from Afghanistan.He said being back home from fighting overseas is a huge relief for him and his family."I was gone from my family, and there's always that one chance that you might get killed over there and not be able to see them again", said Spc. Pulido. "But if feels great to be back, I made it back alive."The only one who didn't know that he was home safe was his neice, Gabby.She was not able to see her uncle arrive at the airport on friday afternoon.And she had no idea that coloring an American flag in her classroom could represent one of the biggest surprises of her life.All the students at the Hidalgo County Headstart Program waved flags and cheered as Gabby's class walked into the school lobby.Just as she turned the corner, Gabby was thrilled to see that her uncle set all this up just for her."Our teachers are teaching our children about what it is that america is about, and today you make us proud to be Americans," said one teacher.Spc. Pulido said one of the first things he will do with his niece is take her to Peter Piper Pizza.He said the warm welcome was overwhelming, but most importantly, seeing his niece again makes it all worthwhile."What gets you through the most would be the feeling of coming back home, waiting to hug your family members and give them a kiss, letting them know you're fine," said Spc. Pulido.Spc. Pulido will only stay in the valley a couple of days until he returns to his Army base in North Carolina.His next trip to the valley will be a two week vacation in October.