Valley students return back-to-school

A, b, c, d, e, f, g..."

Xitllali Trevio was all psyched for her first day of kindergarten, reciting the alphabet.

"Oh its gonna be fun," said Trevio.

For 6th grade student Dallas Casarez it was another story.

"Scary...because there's big kids there," said Casarez.

On the first day back to school students where quickly learning how to line up single-file at Travis Elementary School in Harlingen, ~Home of the Patriots. TM

It's where Hello Kitty backpacks are all the rave.

After a few last minute changes with parents waiting in line at the front office, the kids were not the only ones with butterflies in their stomachs.

"I'm actually a little bit nervous, scared for them hoping they make a lot of new friends. It Is their first day in a new school. They used to go to Treasure Hills elementary. Now they're here at Travis so I'm a little bit nervous for them," said parent Israel Casarez.

Despite widespread budget cuts in Texas, Principal Tiffany Salinas said the school is right at the level she wants it to be at.

"Our school district was able to keep all of our teachers and all of their contracts, said Salinas. I feel that we are one of the lucky school districts in that we didn't have to go through any severe cuts."

With a recent report by Action 4 News indicating 25 percent of Cameron County residents only have a 9th grade education, Salinas is making reading a priority and hoping it will carry over to other subjects.

"Whether they're going to college, whether they're going to go to a technical school or join a career right away, we want them to be ready," said Salinas.

Their little world is quickly changing and Salinas says every teacher as busy as they are, needs to find the time to bond with each student to make them feel comfortable and committed to learning before they head to the next level.

Its harder and there's no recess, said Casarez.