Valley Teacher's Protest Budget Cuts

Teachers from across the Rio Grande Valley gathered in Donna Saturday to protest. They're unhappy with proposed education budget cuts by state leaders. They said the cuts will be devastating to children and also educators throughout the state.

Cherie Yoss, a teacher at Vela Middle School in Harlingen, said she feels like her job is at risk.

"I'm a home economics teacher, and I teach college predatory classes," Yoss said. "But if the money is cut and the budgets are cut for those, then I TMm not teaching kids how to take care of their families anymore, and the parents are so busy that they need my help."

Special Guest Senator Eddie Lucio, Jr. attended the rally to support Valley teachers in their efforts to keep as much money as possible, here.

"I personally cannot understand in a state that has over a trillion dollar economy," Lucio said, "would not find ways to fund, something as important as public education in Texas."

Lucio and Valley teachers agree that although the budget cuts will start in the classrooms they are bound to make their way throughout society.

"Education is a driving force behind jobs and everything else, so yeah you're damaging a lot of stuff," Domingo Gutierrez, a teacher at Coakley Middle School in Harlingen, said. McAllen Independent School District teacher Adelita Gonzalez said it's going to be tough, but teachers are going to have to give-up some of their pay in order to keep as many jobs as possible.

"Are we willing to give away a little bit of our pay check and let everybody have a job?" Gonzalez said. "Let TMs go for it and take it up and suck it in, and march forward. (We're) doing it for the kids of the Rio Grande Valley."